"...Netstudio was the right choice for me. I feel so lucky I have worked with them..."

Having learned from experience and past mistakes, I started looking for a new partner for the development of the fifth version of my website, www.print-photos-online.com. I knew the weaknesses of the previous version and my primary goal was to get rid of them. I needed a website that would be friendly to users and search engines alike.

Searching the Internet for web design agencies with keywords like ‘SEO’, ‘website development’, etc., I was terribly impressed by the fact that Netstudio got first position in search results.

If they could do that for themselves, I thought, they could manage accordingly for their clients! Talking with them I was convinced Netstudio were the real thing. They knew their internet and had a great attitude about doing things. At Netstudio I felt my needs were readily understood, and what they had to propose certainly grabbed my attention. 

Beyond the obvious qualities of a good website (search-engine friendly platform, responsive design, modern look), the new website’s usability was exactly what I had wished for.

The new website went live early this year. Although it’s rather too soon for definite conclusions, visits have doubled compared to the previous version! Now I have No 1 rankings for almost all the primary keywords of my website.

And there’s more: The structure is well designed and the checkout process is minimal. Everything is done in 3 steps. It's so easy and quick that the visitors are over and done with it before they have any second thoughts. Bottom line? Conversions over doubled. 

Netstudio was the right choice for me. I feel so lucky I have worked with them. I found the partner I was looking for. Making plans for a new website to be designed and developed by Netstudio just goes to show the confidence I have in them...

John Kousaitis

Owner of Print-photos-online.com

(Design & Web Development, eCommerce Development, SEO )

"...my collaboration with Netstudio proved the best choice..."

Six months ago, and after various disappointing collaborations with web development agencies, I started looking for a new partner. As the purpose and scope of our website were taking a clearer shape with user experience and past mistakes taken into account, I addressed Netstudio.

Already from the first appointment, I realized, that not only did they fully understand my needs, but went ahead with proposals to optimize the website.

All the way through the creation of the website, things were kept simple and well organized. Communication was prompt and friendly, and tasks were neatly allocated to the team members with excellent coordination and well-met schedules. Each problem was quickly tackled by the Netstudio guys, who gave their best.

The result was a friendly, functional and well-structured website of high aesthetic value.

My collaboration with Netstudio proved the best choice.

Thank you all so much!

Chrysanthos Anagnostopoulos

MasterDom technical construction

(Design & Web Development, SEO )

"...we only wish we had started doing things together much earlier..."

We run a coffeehouse & restaurant in Trikala, Thessaly. Last year, after 10 years of operation, and more knowhow than ever, we decided to expand our customer base to a broader geographic audience. To do that, we needed the right partners.

Our search for a suitable business developer was time- and money-consuming. Meanwhile, we contacted the three most trustworthy and best organized web design agencies based in Greece.
Watching internet marketing presentations by Yannis Karampelas, we decided to arrange for a meeting in person. Our initial reservations were soon put aside as we were eventually won over by the team’s ideas and with how well organized they were. 

After six months of working with them, I can assure you that Netstudio is our best performing business developer, in terms of cost-effectiveness. With the help of Netstudio, our online store got to be our company’s most traveled and tireless ‘salesman’.

We only wish we had doing things together much earlier.

Special thanks to Dimitri Pangratis who patiently helped us all this time, coming up with solutions to every problem.


Kimon Papanagiotou

Owner Gustoproducts.gr

(AdWords Campaign, Design & Web Development, eCommerce Development )

"...extremely skillful, informed and knowledgeable team..."

"Working with Netstudio has not been a simple exchange of services but has translated itself into a phenomenal partnership. With such an extremely skillful, informed and knowledgeable team one can expect nothing less than exceptional results. Delivering on time, trustworthy, true to their commitments, communicative and up to date in anything that needs to be known in the ever-changing world of technology. I felt that Netstudio embodied my vision and helped optimize the final product in the best possible way. I highly recommend them with no reservation."

Kristina Tremonti


(Design & Web Development )

"...never intimidated by the demand for ongoing progress..."

For as long I've been doing business with Netstudio I have experienced a continuous "on it" spirit, and solutions which have helped towards our site's efficiency. Yannis Karampelas is never intimidated by the demand for ongoing progress.

Dr. Thanos Paraschos


(AdWords Campaign, Conversion Optimization, Design & Web Development, SEO, Usability Testing )

"...Continuous support beyond expectation..."

"When one sets about to make an online store for their company, and ends up working with Netstudio without even looking at other companies' proposals, that says it all.

Netstudio offers design, creativity and problem solving with impeccable professionalism, deep knowledge and phenomenal speed, along with continuous support exceeding all expectations.

It is one of the rarest cases among my cooperations that have left me so satisfied, and continue to do so. A company with a high client-service level against international standards."

Dimitris Avdelopoulos


(AdWords Campaign, Conversion Optimization, Design & Web Development )

"...Grateful for working with you..."

"Whatever I say for your company, would be too little comparing to the gratitude I feel working with you, especially after 10 months of a disastrous experience I had with another website development agency, costing me a lot of money. Yannis is a true professional, never tired to listen to my questions, always leaving me speechless with his knowledge and cutting-edge ideas he applies to my site. He's the only one I trust for the internet. I'll introduce him to my acquaintances, but I sure hope my competitors will never find out about him."

Thanasis Gazetas


(Conversion Optimization, Design & Web Development )

"...Much more than what he promises initially..."

"Netstudio is the only company I have worked with, that has done much more than what they have promised initially. These people love what they do, and they got the knowhow to do it. They're on to it. They care. And most of all, they are true professionals. Congratulations, guys! And, Yannis... thank you!"

Theodore Hellenikakis

Theodorisi Furniture

(AdWords Campaign, SEO )

"...Recovered their cost in less than two months..."

"The websites developed by netstudio for my company recovered their cost in less than two months. From now on, Netstudio is absolutely my one and only choice for every internet promotion we think of. I recommend them without hesitation, but I just hope my competitors won't find out about them..."

Alexander Seintanis


(Design & Web Development )

"...You are excellent, expeditious professionals..."

"I would like to thank NETSTUDIO for our SEAMLESS cooperation. You are excellent professionals, and expeditious at whatever has been asked of you. It seems to me you really deserve the title of "valuable partner". On behalf of ATS Group of Companies, I thank you. "


ATS Group

(Design & Web Development )

"...Yannis has shown the same love and care we give every day at our Center..."

"Now, our Center has its own identity and status, all thanks to Yannis Karampelas! From the moment we decided to work with Netstudio, Yannis came to our Center, we talked, and he soon empathized with our concern for something equally well done, on the internet. Yannis has shown the same love and oomph we ourselves give every day at our Center. He and his team provide excellent work, which I highly 

H. Komninakidis


(Design & Web Development )

"...I highly and enthusiastically recommend netstudio, I absolutely believe in them..."

"When I decided I wouldn't become extinct like some kind of dinosaur unable to adapt to a changing environment, I realized I just had to go along with the internet world. And then I met Yannis. Great Guru, great patience. He helped me realize what I should do, and how to set up my cyberspace stature! Step by step, and with a deep internet feeling and knowledge, Yannis and his team brought me into being in the new world opening up for us, full of profit opportunities.

I highly and enthusiastically recommend Netstudio, I absolutely believe in them. And I have to add that we already have very good results, and that our business activities have been significantly enhanced!"

A. Mordo, ALICO AIG Life, Glyfada Office Manager


(AdWords Campaign, Design & Web Development )

"...the gurus in web design..."

"if you are looking for the "gurus" in web design, Netstudio is the solution. They've got a huge knowledge in web design, they are great programmers and definitely problem solvers."

Leonidas Plomaritis


(Design & Web Development )

"...Was highly acknowledged by our partners abroad..."

"A few months ago, we started looking for a web design company to design our company's site. Netstudio responded immediately, and in a way, that convince us we had found the right people to design a website that would satisfy all our demands. Netstudio fulfilled our hopes. They designed a really amazing site, favorably received by our visitors, and congratulated upon by our international partners."

Konstantinos Malliakas


(AdWords Campaign, Design & Web Development )

"...My online store was delivered incredibly fast..."

"After a lot of thought about whether I should have a presence on the internet and start an online store, I realized that if you don't have someone like Yannis, things could get really tough, and you might end up letting go, before completing your efforts. Yannis guided me as to what I had to do in order to succeed, and he keeps offering his help whenever I ask for it. I can't begin to describe how good he is at what he does. I should note that my online store was delivered incredibly fast, which is very important for professionals like myself. Thank you, Yanni."

George Karatzas


(Design & Web Development, SEO )

"...I dare say he is impeccable in his work, and responds to any issue with professionalism..."

"I have been working in the field of commerce since the '90s, and have cooperated with many web professionals. Yannis Karampelas has won my trust from our first meeting, which is why we chose his company to set up our site. I dare say he is impeccable in his work, and responds to any issue with professionalism."

Yannis Rompotis


(Design & Web Development )

"...a web site just like I wished for and imagined..."

After a long search among many web design companies for my company’s website, coming upon Netstudio and Mr. Yannis Karampelas proved of crucial importance, as I found someone who understood what I was looking for right from the first moment, and with his many bright ideas, he set up a website exactly the way I had wished for and imagined. Thank you so much for a seamless cooperation."

Thanasis Mallis


(Design & Web Development )

"...I recommend them unhesitatingly..."

"Following a thorough search for the ideal web design company for the design and development of my website, I have chosen to trust Netstudio. And I have never regretted this decision! Netstudio responded commendably to the circumstances, each time raising the bar. In Netstudio I have found a partner I can trust any time I need them. Indeed, any time I had a problem, Netstudio were on my side, sometimes even beyond working hours and days. My appreciation for Netstudio’s professionalism and quality of services is evident by the fact that I recommend them unhesitatingly to all my friends and acquaintances interested in web services."

Vassilis Michael


(Design & Web Development )