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How to check your Website Quality in 5 minutes for FREE

PUBLISHED ON 19/10/2015

The quality of a website depends on various factors, and ensuring a website’s perfection is anything but easy. However, before leaping into details, two of your major concerns should be the speed of the site and the validity of the source code… and… guess what! There are 2 free easy-to-use tools that will check your website in a matter of seconds!

Scroll down to find out more about these amazing tools. But…

Do I really care about speed?

YES! Actually, you do care about your website’s speed for 2 different reasons:

  1. High speed navigation will dramatically reduce your visitors’ bounce rate and increase your site’s conversion rate.

Take action for the latest PayPal changes

PUBLISHED ON 11/9/2015

Do you have an online store with a PayPal payment option? Then you should keep reading...

PayPal recently announced their latest upgrades concerning the IPN connection certificates, which are scheduled for 9/30/2015.

What does this mean for you in plain English?

Well, it’s very simple. Just head to shaaaaaaaaaaaaa.com and enter your site’s URL.

If it says “Nice” with these nice big green letters, then you are good to go and have nothing to worry about!

If it looks like the above image, then you have to act immediately. Your SSL certificate probably needs an upgrade.

Web Design Trends 2015


In 2014 we saw a lot of new trends in web design, some of which are inspired from magazines and press while focusing more on images and typography.

At Netstudio, we have tried a lot of new trending techniques as well as more “traditional” on older and newer sites of our own. 2015 was the year that we enhanced all of these techniques. Responsiveness is ultra hype these days because of Google’s latest algorithm changes, while although it’s age, Flat Design looks like that is gaining new fans. Let's see some of the techniques that we will encounter the rest of 2015.

Azentian - IFRS & Finance Training

PUBLISHED ON 20/8/2015

Nick wanted to expand his activities abroad, founding in England a business to sell specialized seminars online. So he trusted us, once again, to create his online store that would support the venture. Thus, “Azentian” was created.

The aim was clear from the beginning. Simple, understandable and at the same time unique design that radiates not only prestige but also the long experience the company has in Greece. So, we designed from scratch a welcoming site with clean lines, easy navigation and most of all, a homepage that "shows" the entire content without tiring the visitor. Bear in mind that the homepage is the number one factor whether we will continue our navigation on a website.




Few days ago, we launched a site full of beauty and personal care for its customers.
That is the so-called therapis.gr!
It’s origin - as depicted in the company logo - comes from the butterfly Therapis.

Therapis Logo

Therapis is a dermocosmetics production and trading company, established and grown with lots of love from two young people, Nikos and Filonas Papadopoulos.

The project we undertook was twofold.

We designed the new corporate identity (logo, business card, letterhead, envelope) and product packaging.
At the same time, we implemented the new website that would boost company’s reputation to the digital world by upgrading its presence online.


PUBLISHED ON 29/6/2015


This site is modern, pioneering, easy to use and certainly responsive.  
And the most important element? 
The fact that it meets all the needs of the most demanding...car!

All credit goes to MAPFREWARRANTY.GR, where the design and the construction of the most important features, could have been very hard to come to life without Drupal’s support.

Authcache: caching for registered users CAN happen!


Recently, I had to build a Drupal site that had to be fast for registered and non-registered users. One of the most frequently used module for caching, boost, can offer caching for unregistered users only. But what can we do for the rest of our visitors?
Why can't we offer them more speed? 

The solution

The module I used is authcache and can give us a plain and straighforward configuration that can be used with or without advanced caching server software. For example, if our web server has no Varnish or opcache or memcache etc. we can get from the module a very satisfying out-of-the-box result providing fast page surfing for our registered visitors. 

Drupal 7 advanced hands-on training workshop in London, 13-14/7/2015

Drupal Training

Learn Advanced Drupal 7. Unlock its powerful API and theming engine at a 2-day hands-on workshop delivered by top Drupal developers.

The 2-day workshop will be held in Central London on Monday and Tuesday, July 13th and 14th 2015. Each day is a full 8-hour session. Monday’s session covers building a website with Drupal, and Tuesday’s session covers Drupal Theming and Drupal Module Development.

The training will be highly personalized as there will be one trainer per at most 4 students, so you will can get the attention you need in order to follow the flow of it.

Drupal behind reverse proxy made easy!

Drupal behind reverse proxy

There will be times when you will need your app to know the visitors IP. Either for debugging purposes or for functionality purposes.

Possible workarounds

If you are a newbie, you will probably go for something like this:

if ($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] == '') {
  // Your code here

If you are bit more experienced, you 'll do something like this:

if (ip_address() == '') {
  // Your code here

The problem

Yes! That would do the work alright. But what will happen if your website is behind a reverse proxy? Varnish or Nginx? Or even behind advanced caching and proxy services like Cloudflare or Akamai? And what would you do if the server is not yours and you cannot install mod_rpaf on it? And it's 03:00 in the morning and your server administrator is asleep? None of the above approaches will reveal your visitors IP address!


PUBLISHED ON 25/5/2015


Attention! Do not read the following recipe if you love sweets, cakes or any kind of tempting delicacy.  At the same time, don’t accuse us of feasting your eyes on the photo material, the easy usage, the interactive presentation and the fast navigation.

It was sincerely impossible to resist this temptation and so we baked with love a cooperation with the birth of alevri.com (alevri=flour), wishing to transfer an authentic cooking experience to all of you who love the recipes and products of Ag. Georgiou Mills.


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