Transfer your site from Joomla to Drupal

Drupal 7

Is your site on Joomla and want to transfer it to Drupal? Now, you can do it!

Why should you transfer your site to Drupal?

We believe that with version 7, Drupal became the most powerful website, e-commerce and online web apps development platform. Drupal is considered the most "Enterprise" open source online content management solution. MTV, US Whitehouse, Economist, Ubuntu and thousands more trust it.

Drupal Benefits

  • Drupal loads very fast due to its advanced caching techniques.
  • Drupal is SEO friendly. The sites we have transferred to Drupal have seen organic traffic increases.
  • It's Open Source and backed up by a large, dynamic community.
  • It has an advanced permissions system. It allows you to have multiple administrators or users with different permissions based on their roles.
  • The time needed to add new features is usually smaller than in Joomla.
  • Drupal is flexible and extendable by thousands of free modules.

Exact copy

  • After moving to Drupal, your site will have the exact same design, unless you want us to do a redesign.
  • We will do a full content transfer. We have developed the scripts and experience to transfer your content to the Drupal content types.
  • We take care for your old URL's to redirect to the new ones, so the migration does not harm your rankings on search engines.
  • The transfer is being worked on a development environment, independent of your live site and after you check and confirm that everything is ok, we get the new site live with literally zero downtime. Your old site is put on a password protected folder accessible only by you for archival reason.

Joomla to Drupal transfer examples.

The list of sites that we have transferred from Joomla to Drupal is constantly evolving, but here is a brief list of URL's from complicated and demanding migrations: - medical unit site. - news site - portal. - online service e-shop. - electric appliances & accessories e-shop. - safety e-shop. - party organisers. - real estate. - seminars DVD's e-shop.

How much does it cost?

The cost depends on the design complexity, the volume and type of content and the mechanisms that we will be asked to transfer. Contact us in order to analyze your site and provide a quote.