Google AdWords Campaigns

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Have you designed a Google AdWords campaign yourself?

We can optimize your campaign and keep track of it so you don't throw away your money.

We are among the few Google AdWords Certified Consultants in Greece.

Within a few minutes, we can detect the basic structural mistakes of your campaign, and accomplish a dramatic cost-per-click reduction, so you can have the same number of visitors for less money, or more visitors for the same amount of money.

We only charge you when we come up with substantial results!

With more than 150 campaigns since 2004, and our Google certification, we guarantee a substantial result, or you pay nothing!

Numbers Speak for Themselves

See the Before and After results of a campaign we undertookp>

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What we Can Provide

  • |Tips for the Right Google Campaign Strategy
  • |Structuring your Campaign in the Right Ad Groups
  • Choice of the Right Keywords
  • Choice of the Right Budget and Cost per Click
  • |Directing the Ad towards the Right Landing Page
  • Connecting your Campaign to Conversion Tracking
  • Continuous Monitoring and Optimization of the Campaign

What You Gain

  • Higher Return on Advertising Investment
  • Lower Cost per Acquisition (CPA) of Customers
  • More, and more effective promotion opportunities
  • Reduction of Advertising Costs
  • Competitive Advantage

Netstudio complies with the Google AdWords third-party partner policy.

Contact us on +30 210-8004447 or fill out the contact form for more information.