My first encounter with computers was in 1986 when my best friend and I laid hands on a Spectrum ZX 48K and a Commodore 64. Apart from the gameplay, we started programming with BASIC and LOGO. Later on, I got an Amiga 500 and started exploring the magical world of BBS (Bulletin Board Systems). With a 2400 modem we were connecting to internet forerunners − GATE, AcroBase and other online communities of the 90s. For a living, I went into sales, marketing and advertising. All these years, programming and web surfing was a pastime turning to passion. Internet became a profession in 2005 when I set up Netstudio. Starting with simple static websites, I moved on to developing dynamic sites and online apps via Mambo, Joomla and CakePHP. By early 2011 we focused on Drupal, and ever since, Netstudio has been developing into one of the major Drupal service providers in Europe having contributed dozens of patches, modules and reviews as well as two distributions to the Drupal community.