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Netstudio was the right choice for me. I feel so lucky I have worked with them

Having learned from experience and past mistakes, I started looking for a new partner for the development of the fifth version of my website, I knew the weaknesses of the previous version and my primary goal was to get rid of them. I needed a website that would be friendly to users and search engines alike.

Searching the Internet for web design agencies with keywords like ‘SEO’, ‘website development’, etc., I was terribly impressed by the fact that Netstudio got first position in search results.


my collaboration with Netstudio proved the best choice

Six months ago, and after various disappointing collaborations with web development agencies, I started looking for a new partner. As the purpose and scope of our website were taking a clearer shape with user experience and past mistakes taken into account, I addressed Netstudio.

Already from the first appointment, I realized, that not only did they fully understand my needs, but went ahead with proposals to optimize the website.


extremely skillful, informed and knowledgeable team

"Working with Netstudio has not been a simple exchange of services but has translated itself into a phenomenal partnership. With such an extremely skillful, informed and knowledgeable team one can expect nothing less than exceptional results. Delivering on time, trustworthy, true to their commitments, communicative and up to date in anything that needs to be known in the ever-changing world of technology. I felt that Netstudio embodied my vision and helped optimize the final product in the best possible way. I highly recommend them with no reservation."


Continuous support beyond expectation

"When one sets about to make an online store for their company, and ends up working with Netstudio without even looking at other companies' proposals, that says it all.

Netstudio offers design, creativity and problem solving with impeccable professionalism, deep knowledge and phenomenal speed, along with continuous support exceeding all expectations.

It is one of the rarest cases among my cooperations that have left me so satisfied, and continue to do so. A company with a high client-service level against international standards."


Grateful for working with you

"Whatever I say for your company, would be too little comparing to the gratitude I feel working with you, especially after 10 months of a disastrous experience I had with another website development agency, costing me a lot of money. Yannis is a true professional, never tired to listen to my questions, always leaving me speechless with his knowledge and cutting-edge ideas he applies to my site. He's the only one I trust for the internet. I'll introduce him to my acquaintances, but I sure hope my competitors will never find out about him."



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